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Lambourn 1940-1950
Photo: M.B Warburton
Photo: R.E Tustin

This June 1941 panoramic view shows the truly rural location of Lambourn itself. Railcar No. 18 is seen heading for Newbury on a gloriously sunny day. Before it was a journey that would take 40 minutes to cover at a sedate average speed of around 18 miles per hour.

Photo: Unknown   Photo: Unknown

Right: Ex-M&SWJR 2-4-0 at the terminus heading the 4:15pm from Newbury in October 1948.

Below left: The fence dividing the yard access road from the sidings.

Below right: The 20-ton cart weighbridge and its pre-cast concrete office.

Photo: W.A Camwell
Photo: A Attewell Photo: A Attewell
Photo: J.H Moss Photo: P.J Garland
A Dean Goods prepares a Newbury-bound goods in the early 1950s
The goods shed, timber with corrugated iron roof and sliding doors
Photo: J.H Meredith Photo: W.A  Camwell
Railcar No.19 leaves Lambourn in October 1949
A Dean Goods awaits departure for Newbury in the early 1950s
Photo: J.H Moss Photo: J.H Moss Photo: I.D Beale
The signal box design could be seen elsewhere on the GWR network. The foreground shows an occupation crossing, meaning it linked fields and was not for regular passenger use. The signal itself was originally on the platform, but in 1938 it was moved to this new position due to the increased length of passenger trains now hauling additional horseboxes.
Photo: C Gordon Watford
Above right: A close up of the underside of the main station building canopy showing the steelwork supporting 'Taylor's Patent Roofing'
Photo: Courtesy of C.P Legg Photo W.A Cranwell
Photo: T.B Sands Photo: T.B Sands

Photo: R Denison Photo M.J.Deane
Photo: Unknown Photo: Unknown
Photo: P.J Garland Photo: J Smith
Above left: The view from the yard access road in 1950. The rope secured to the buffer stop had its other end attached to the coupling of standing rolling stock to prevent potential run-aways over the slight falling gradient. The wooden structure in the centre of the photo housed the pumping gear - necessary for re-filling the water tank.
Photo: C Robinson Photo: J.H Moss
Photo: C Robinson Photo: J.H Moss
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