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L.J.Bodman & Sons
Lambourn Fuel Merchants
No publication on the Lambourn Valley Railway could ever be considered complete without mentioning the Bodman family. Fuel suppliers for many years to Lambourn and its surrounding district , the name Bodman, became inextricably linked with Lambourn station. Lewis Bodman had operated a coal merchants business in Lambourn since the First World War.
Lewis Bodman had two sons, George & Louis, both stayed with the firm thoughout their entire working lives, eventually taking over the operation when their father died. L J Bodman & Sons were also agents for The West of England Sack Company and hired out hessian sacks to local farmers during the harvesting season.
The office was a corrugated iron building located next to the goods shed. Deliveries of coal recieved at the station were transfered to the firms' own yard in Newbury Street, a distance of approximately 300 yards.
The Bodman office at Lambourn Station
Lewis Bodman
Cecil Pike

George & Louis Bodman

George Bodman working in the station yard during the 1950s
George still lives in Lambourn today (as of 2009) but sadly, Louis passed away in 2003.
George willingly supplied all the pictures you see on this page for which I am extremely grateful.

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